Christian Fashion Autumn 2018

Our Fall 18 range of christian fashion designs. This seasons 4 top designs for religious clothing and apparel features a rustic style with deep autumnal colours.

Our Autumn designs are available on a range of items including warm, soft fleece hoodies for those cooler evenings.

Showing 1–30 of 52 results

Showing 1–30 of 52 results

Christian Autumn Design Trends 2018

This Autumn season we wanted to try and bring a little bit of retro influence into our christian designs. With this in mind, we think these 4 seasonal designs might bring to mind those simple graphics of boy scout and girl guide badges.

With their bold and simple design based around a badge shape, they carry some important principles of the christian faith. To amplify that retro look we also chose deep autumnal shades. Rich, warm colours that compliment the natural colours of the season.

Christian Design Inspirations

Three of the designs were inspired by bible verse that particularly spoke to us at this time of year. They were;

John 1:5; where we are reminded that the Light of Jesus will always overcome darkness. It's an important scripture quote for christians and we felt it was a bible quote to highlight. The design features a bright silhouette of a dove flying off the cross. The bold and bright dove stands out against the earthy tones and shades of the other parts of the design. This bright contrast represents the Light of Jesus.

John 7:38; This design represents the Holy Spirit that flows through those who believe in Jesus. The bible verse tells us that those who believe in Jesus will have rivers of living waters flow through them. In this situation, the rivers represent the Holy Spirit flowing through us. The design for this includes a broad river that flows down from the mountains. There is also a rainbow in the design which represents the promise of God. We put the design together to try and represent the promise of God to give us the gift of the Holy Spirit if we believe in Jesus.

Lamentations 3:23; tells us that each morning God mercies towards us are renewed. This is a wonderful and encouraging bible verse. Our design features the rising Sun to signal the start of a new day. In the foreground is the cross and crown of thorns to represent the sacrifice of Jesus so we can receive the mercies from God.

Our final design aims to be an encouraging and positive message about faith. The journey of faith  can be bumpy and difficult at times but it needs to be treated as an adventure. If we enjoy our journey to faith then it becomes a joy and not a trial.

Autumn 2018 Fashion Designs

For us, as the temperatures drop, thicker warmer clothes are going to be the go-to thing. We think our heavyweight hoodies are up to the job and will see you through to the deeper winter months. They are perfect for those evenings or early morning walks during the fall and early winter season. 

We use the Gildan 18500 for our printed christian heavyweight hoodies and we're sure you will be impressed with the quality too.

The Gildan 18500 does cut a little short so for that oversize street look, you need to size up 1 size at least. Here's an independent review of the hoodie.


Despite the retro feel of the designs we've also taken care to ensure they a modern enough to carry a contemporary and stylish look. By combining simple design and a simple slogan we think we've developed a seasonal look this Fall that will look good on the streets and in the home.

A perfect way to spread faith in Jesus Christ during our everyday lives.