Tablet Sleeve

Our bible inspired Christian tablet cases are a great addition to any make of tablet computer. We have a growing range of tablet cases that suit all ages and fashions. These cases are made from neoprene and have one side which is printed with a Christian design or bible verse.

A great way for keeping you computer or iPad safe while out and about and a great way to deliver a message. Ideal as a gift for bible college students or anyone involved in church life.

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Our Christian tablet sleeves are made from soft and protective neoprene. The material offers water resistance (but are not waterproof) and dust protection. Each has a zipper closure.

The design of the tablet cases offer a life-affirming and positive bible message or Christian design. They are a great way to protect your tablet computers and other devices. The tablet cases can take devices up to 10 inch and are ideal for devices including iPads, Samsung and other smaller tablets and netbooks.