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Whether you are looking at saving your place in a bible or daily devotional our christian bookmarks are ideal. Each comes with a bible verse to encourage and lift up.

We have a range of styles available. Our most popular bookmarks are our economy laminated bookmarks with a tassel. They are cheap enough for a handy stocking filler gift but robust enough to give a good life of service.

We know also offer the choice of a plain laminated bookmark without a tassel attached for those who prefer a more simple look to their book accessory.

Our bookmarks make a great cheap giveaway or gift to someone to help them with their walk with Jesus. They carry positive and encouraging bible verses that seek to lift up fellow believers.

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Option to have a tassel

These are our most popular bookmarks giving a good mix of appearance, durability and cost.

They measure approx: 17cm long and 6cm wide (excluding the tassel). They are printed 300gsm card that is sealed in a laminated pouch. For those who opt for a tassel it is passed through the card via a metal eyelet. The eyelet helps to stop the tassel from tearing the card.