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Whether you are looking at saving your place in a bible or daily devotional our christian bookmarks are ideal. Each comes with a bible verse to encourage and lift up.

We have a range of styles available. Our most popular bookmarks are our economy laminated bookmarks with a tassel. They are cheap enough for a handy stocking filler gift but robust enough to give a good life of service.

We also occasionally have our more expensive PU leather-effect bookmarks for a premium gift and treat.

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Details of all our bookmarks are given below:

Laminated Tasseled

These are our most popular bookmarks giving a good mix of appearance, durability and cost.

They measure approx: 17cm long and 6cm wide (excluding the tassel). They are printed card that is sealed in a laminated pouch. The tassel is passed through the card via a metal rivet. The rivet helps to stop the tassel from tearing the card.

PU Leather

These are our premium bookmarks. The fake leather is printed on and the ink sealed with a heat press. These are highly durable bookmarks with a leather feel and look to them.

Ideal for special gifts and a treat for yourself. The soft PU material helps to limit any damage that can occur to pages when using a bookmark. As such it is perfect for use with family bibles.

The bookmarks measure approx 18cm long and 5cm wide.