Print on demand

Our print on demand service is an ideal way to get great gifts of treasured memories or an affordable way of branding for your business.

We have a wide range of everyday items that can be customised or personalised with your artwork.

When preparing your artwork for printing we always advise to leave plenty of space around the edges so we can slightly expand the image if needed to cover the entire product where relevant.

We also advice not to have too many words or text that is very small as it may not print clearly. Bold, bright and simple is the best advice for printing.

When we see the artwork we may contact you if we don’t think it is suitable for printing – may be the resolution or sharpness is not suitable is just one of the technical reasons we may choose not to print but to contact you for better artwork.

There are some subject matter we will not print – we don’t print nudity, violence, cruelty, swearing, hatred and anything that may offend a normal person.

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