Wall clocks

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Showing 1–30 of 41 results

We have a range of christian clocks that look great in any room. Our designer religious wall clocks will bring the scripture to life in any room. They are perfect for:

  • bedrooms
  • living rooms
  • dining rooms
  • student rooms
  • church office and reception

Because of our range of biblical wall clocks, we have a clock that will work well for any setting.

Encouraging gospel clocks

Great designs and positive bible messages aim to inspire. They remind us about the love of Christ. As a result these scripture clocks look great in the reception area of any mission or church and also brings the Word into the homes of families and student studies. In addition our christian clock designs aim to be modern and contemporary.


Christian clocks

Our christian clocks make ideal, decorative timepieces for any room. Made with silent sweep movements in contrast to ticking movements they are much quieter. Because they come with a silent sweep movement they work well for quiet rooms such as bedrooms and prayer rooms.

The main features of our gospel clocks include:

  • silent sweep movement
  • 11 inch square size
  • operates with 1 AA battery
  • an encouraging scripture or christian design theme

These inspirational clocks are made from lightweight printed aluminium. They can be hung using a good quality adhesive hook found in many hardware shops. As such this means no drilling is required and so they are perfect for student halls where many do not permit drilling holes in walls.

When you need a decorative time piece which also conveys a positive and encouraging message, our christian clocks are the solution.

In summary our christian clocks can add a contemporary look to any room. In addition they also bring the presence of the gospel into everyday living.