Christian semi-pro skateboards now in our Zazzle shop

With just a few short months to go before the Olympics in Tokyo we’re getting geared up with christian themed skateboard decks. These are high quality 7 layer maple wood decks that carry a modern and vibrant christian design on the underside.

Skateboarding is going to be in the Olympic Games for the first time next year. The streets are already alive and  buzzing with excitement. It’s a youth sport and so many young people are looking forward to seeing this fun sport. And now it is going to be on the global stage.

Many local skateboard parks are already seeing an increase in use. We expect it to really expand as the games take place.

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Easter Monday savings on cards

Grab a bargain this Bank Holiday Monday!

Our Easter Holiday sale on our christian cards has started. With discounts from 30% for multi-packs and upto 50% on our single cards there’s no better time to buy. 

The sale is on and continues until 10.00 am on Tuesday. 



Our favourite Mother’s Day bible verses

Sunday, March 31st is going to be one of those wonderful days of celebrations that come throughout the year. At the end of the month, it is going to be Mother’s Day and families across the UK will be taking part in this celebration of a mother’s love for her children.

Traditionally known as Mothering Sunday, it is a day that is often celebrated in churches because of the value of a mother to the family. It’s one of the services we look forward to and there are so many bible verses that can be used on this special day.Continue reading